Key news sources

Much like journals, finding good news sources can be a jungle to navigate.

Below are some helpful resources for following up on new developments in Trade & Environment. Personally, I use both mailing lists and RSS feeds, so the resources below are a mix of the two with some available as both.   

Bridges Trade BioRes
Organization: ICTSD
Note: Very helpful biweekly news resource. Specifically targets the intersection of trade and environment.

Bridges Trade BioRes Review
Organization: ICTSD
Note: A quarterly journal of trade and environment articles. Often shortened versions of other material produced by the organization.

Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest
Organization: ICTSD
Note: Weekly trade news from a sustainable development perspective.

Organization: IISD
Note: IISD Reporting Services Portal with RSS feeds and mailing lists on a multitude of environmental paradigms. The Climate-L listserv and Linkages Update news bulletin are very useful.

International Economic Law & Policy Blog
Note: Highly technical and detailed but also highly relevant discussions on international economic law and governance. Widely read in the trade world.

V-Carbon News
Organization: Ecosystem Marketplace/Forest Trends
Note: Ecosystem Marketplace does interesting work on markets and payments for ecosystem services. For that perspective, V-Carbon News is a good news source.

Ambiente y Comercio
Organization: Foro Sobre Cambio Climático y Comercio
Note: For spanish speakers interested in trade and environment issues in Latin America, this is a great resource.

Climate Policy News
Organization: International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG)
Note: Underrated news source that focuses on the most important developments in climate policy.

World Bank Climate News Service
Organization: The World Bank
Note: World Bank Climate Change Newsletter.

OECD Environment Feed
Organization: OECD
Note: OECD Environment Feed (including their sub-category of trade and environment).

Eldis Newsletters 
Organization: Eldis/Institute of Development Studies Sussex
Note: Newsletters on Climate, Environment and Trade Policy.

Inside US Trade/World Trade Online
Organization: Inside Washington Publishers
Note: Very widely read and respected trade news source, with “Inside US Trade” as its flagship newsletter. Most, if not all, important news on trade policy will be covered here. It is a subscription service. Also see their newsstand.

The Economist
Organization: The Economist Group
Note: This is far from a Trade & Environment specific news source, but if anything big or important happens in the field of either environmental policy or international economic law, the economist will almost certainly cover it. For political issues especially, it is an excellent resource.

EurActiv Newsletters
Organization: Independent media portal
Note: Comprehensive news source with wide readership

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